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Copyright: Mundologia-Friedrich

Facts & Figures


  • Congresses
  • Events
  • Galas
  • Concerts


Rows of seating 350 people
Parliament-style seating 200 people
Banquet seating 250 people
Area 300 m²


  • Circular layout
  • Configurable stage
  • Surrounding gallery
  • Natural light
Disco at the Runder Saal // Copyright FWTM, Behringer
Disco at the Runder Saal // Copyright FWTM, Behringer

Special features

The Runder Saal is ideal for events with action at their focal point. There is a staircase to either side of the podium that links the surrounding gallery directly to the stalls – a special feature of this room that allows you to dramatically stage extraordinary moments. Fine-tuned lighting, from daylight to total darkness, lends the Runder Saal a special quality. We are happy to provide custom seating arrangements on request.

Image Gallery

Take a look at our image gallery for further impressions of the Runder Saal.

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